Emmanuelle Weeger – Recorder and chamber music - Concert 29/5


Emmanuelle Weeger was initiated to the recorder by Claire Michon (The Witches Ensemble). After graduating from the conservatory of Poitiers in 2008, she joined the class of Heiko Ter Schegget in the Hogeschool voor den Kunsten in Utrecht and then the class of Frédéric de Roos, Laura Pok, Tomma Wessel and Nathalie Houtman in the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles where she obtains her master degree. More widely throughout masterclasses, she took lessons with Sébastien Marcq, Marion Verbruggen, Kees Boeke, Gerd Lünenburger among others.

She is on stage with different ensembles of early music, such as Voce Humana (specialised in iberian renaissance music), The Lillibulero Trio or as a soloist next to Andreas Helm, Adrian Butterfield and Malcolm Proud. She also practice improvised and traditionnal music and performs with different ensembles of fusion music such as Stingo.

She currently teaches the recorder at the Académie de Musique de Watermael-Boisfort.

Emi Shiraki – Recorder, Early Harp and chamber music - Concert 29/5


Emi Shiraki was born in Osaka, Japan. She began to study music when she was five, and to study recorder when she was nine. She joined the Osaka recorder orchestra.


In April 1998 she enrolled in the faculty of early music at Soai University, Osaka, where in March 2002 she graduated in recorder in the class of Fujita Takashi and Kazuo Hanaoka. Since she was very young she has performed in concerts; she later taught recorder and directed a recorder orchestra in Japan. In Spring 2002, she travelled in western Japan, where she lectured on the recorder in some twenty primary schools.


Her great interest in early music led her to enrol in 2007 in the French-language section of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, where in June 2009 she completed a specialised master's degree in recorder under Frédéric de Roos. She also took master-classes with Sébastien Marq and attended various short courses in Europe. She is enrolled in a research programme in mediaeval and renaissance music at the Conservatory of Tours, in France, where she studies interpretation and historic ornamentation under Denis Raisin Dadre. She also studies contemporary music under Tomma Wessel. 


In 2008 and in 2009/2010, she received a grant from the Nomura Cultural Foundation, and also a study grant from the Communauté Française of Belgium. She won first prize for ensemble playing at the fourteenth recorder competition of Western Japan with the "Cecilia" recorder quartet, took second prize in the Prijs Mieke Van Weddingen recorder competition at Mechelen, and was a finalist in the soloist category in the early music competition of Yamanishi, Japan.


She began studying harp under Hannelore Devaere at the academy of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. She now studies early harp and basso continuo under Nicolas Acthen at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and under Angelique Mauillon at the Conservatory of Tours.


In June 2018 she completed a specialised master's degree in harpe under Angelique Mauillon at the Conservatory of Tours and in June 2019 under Nicolas Acthen at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. 


She plays with several ensembles and chamber orchestras, and has performed in numerous concerts and Baroque operas both in Europe and in Japan. In 2002 she recorded a recorder method, Recorder-Soloist.


She has taught recorder at the academy of Spa since 2011, and also teaches at the Conservatoire Communal of Binche and at the academies of Braine-le-Comte and of the city of Brussels.

Rafael Núñez Velázquez – Violin and chamber music - Concert 29/5

Rafael Núñez Velázquez was born in Sevilla (Spain) in 1983. After completing his violin studies in the Conservatory Manuel Castillo with Alejandro Tuñón he moved to The Netherlands to study the baroque violin and viola with Antoinette Lohmann in the Hogeschool voor den Kunsten Utrecht. Later on he will follow Master studies with Mira Glodeanu in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, where he currently lives. He has taken masterclasses with musicians such as Hiro Kurosaki, Stefano Montanari, Lucy van Dael or Sigiswald Kuijken.

He works with orchestras such as Florilegium Musicum, Collegium Ad Mosam, Les Agrémens, Les Muffatti; and with the chamber music groups Amaranthus and Vendetta.

Rebecca Lefèvre – Viola da gamba and chamber music - Concert 29/5

Rebecca Lefèvre grew up in Sweden where, from an early age, she played the piano and the cello.

In 2004, her interest in early music and history inspired her to begin studying the viola da gamba with Keren Bruce in Stockholm. From 2006, she studied the viola da gamba with Philippe Pierlot at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels where, in 2011, she obtained her Master's diploma, with distinction. During her studies, Rebecca had the privilege of having private lessons with Wieland Kuijken. She has also participated in master classes with Paolo Pandolfo, Jordi Savall and Vittorio Ghielmi.

Rebecca is a co-founder of the chamber music ensemble LinGon, with which she explores early baroque music. She plays regularly with several other chamber music ensembles such as Amaranthus, Lux Beata, BachPlus, Duo Chelys, and Ardalus. Additionally, she is playing with orchestras such as Trondheim Barokk and Le Concert d'Anvers, and has performed with conductors such as Sigiswald Kuijken, Philippe Pierlot and Wim Becu. She has participated in CD recordings and concerts in Europe and Japan.

Rebecca is currently studying the lute with Sofie vanden Eynde.



Nina Lakicevic – Harpsichord and chamber music - Concert 29/5

Nina begins her musical education with piano stud- ies, at the age of nine, in Belgrade, Serbia. After the high school graduation, she leaves for Italy and contin- ues her studies at the Con- servatory of Trieste where she earns her bachelor

degree in 2011. She follows numerous master classes of renowned pianists and pedagogues such as Arbo Valdma, Igor Lazko, Alexandre Léger, Paolo Bordoni, Angela Hewitt...

During her piano studies, Nina discovers a particular interest in baroque music and begins studying harpsi- chord with Italian harpsichordist Paola Erdas. In 2010 she is admitted to the harpsichord class of Frédérick Haas at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. In 2012 she earns a bachelor, and in 2015 a masters degree in harpsichord.

In 2011 and 2012 Nina participates at the opera productions for young artists with Muziektheatre Transparant. As some of her most remarkable solo performances, let’s mention the recital at the Musical Instrument Museum of Brussels, as well as the recital given at the opening of exposition dedicated to Anto- ine Wateau, in Bozar. With colleague harpsichordist Zeljko Manic, Nina founded the ensemble l’Inconnu, which has already performed at the Musiq3 festival in Flagey.

In June 2015 Nina earned her Master degree in harpsichord. She teaches harpsichord at the academy of Nivelles.

Jacqueline Guisset - Conference 30/5 (conference in french)


After studying chemistry and having a useful experience of almost ten years in the laboratory, Jacqueline Guisset undertook art history studies. Doctor of Philosophy and Letters (art history), she worked for many years as a guide-lecturer at the Royal Museums of Art and of History as well as in other Belgian museums. Professor at the Higher School of Image Arts "Le 75" she taught for many years at the École Supérieure des Arts Plasticis and of Mons, as well as at the National School of Visual Arts in La Cambre. She has also gave numerous lectures. She is also a lecturer at the Théâtre de la Monnaie.
 She was scientific curator of the Edmond Dubrunfaut - Walls that speak at the Halles Saint Géry in September 1999, Emile Fabry symbolist in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, A life at the opera - Suzanne Fabry and Edmond Delescluze at the Galerie du Crédit Communal-Dexia, both in spring 2000, as well as Congo and Belgian art 1880- 1960 in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, in 2003, Forces murales un art manifest Louis Deltour, Edmond Dubrunfaut, Roger Somville, Liège, Walloon Art Museum, 2009 and Edmond Dubrunfaut No to war Neen aan de oorlog, Breendonk, National Memorial of the Fort of Breendonk, 2010.
 Co-organizer of 3 symposia at the fortress of Ecaussinnes-Lalaing in spring 2003 and 2006 and 2009, she also participated in other conferences in Belgium and France. Member of Scientific committee of the Mint and Heritage Days in 1999 and 2000 and administrator of the van der Burch Foundation at the fortress of Ecaussinnes-Lalaing until 2009.
 Author of several monographs, in particular:
- Edmond Dubrunfaut - Speaking walls, Editions Eder, Brussels, 1998,
- Emile Fabry 1865-1966, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre Heritage Fund, Woluwe-Saint- Pierre, 2000,
- A life at the opera - Suzanne Fabry and Edmond Delescluze, La Renaissance du Livre - Crédit Communal, Tournai - Bruxelles, 2000,
- The fortress of Ecaussinnes-Lalaing and its collections, La Renaissance du Livre - Van der Burch Foundation, Tournai, 2001,
- Edmond Dubrunfaut - Métamorphoses du dessin, Eder, Bruxelles, 2002,
- Contemporary Tapestry - an art in the making, Braine-le-Comte, 2003.
- Edmond Dubrunfaut 50 Testimonies, Brussels, Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of History military, 2010.
- Irene Philips, Paris, L’herbe qui tremble, 2012.
Scientific director of the collective work The Congo and Belgian art, La Renaissance du Livre, 2003 and of Forces murales un art manifest Louis Deltour, Edmond Dubrunfaut, Roger Somville, IHOES, Mardaga, 2009 who won the 2014 Education Prize from the Parliament of the Wallonia Federation- Brussels. She also participated in the writing of several collective works and catalogs such as: Honoré Daumier, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Mons, 1990, Louis Buisseret, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Mons, 1997, La Monnaie wagnérienne, Bruxelles, Cahiers du Gram, 1998, La Symbolist currency, Brussels, Cahiers du Gram, 2003, Public art and architecture, Liège, Mardaga, 1999, Somville - Tapestries 1945-1999, Liège, Mardaga, 1999, Somville Retrospective 1950-2000, Geneva, United Nations Office, 2001 and La Monnaie entre-deux-guerres, Brussels, Cahiers du Gram, 2010.

Francesco Olivero - Lute concert 31/5

Francesco Olivero, born in a family of musicians, began to study music in early age. He studied classical guitar in Conservatory of Music'' Giorgio Federico Ghedini '' of Cuneo with Davide Ficco where he graduated with the maximum of the score (10 cum laude).

After that he graduated himself at the Conservatorium Maastricht with M° Carlo Marchione in Master Degree. Resulting winner in many competitions he discovered his passion for early music specializing in early plucked instruments like theorbo and baroque guitar.

In few years he graduated at Royal Conservatoire de Bruxelles with Nicolas Achten and he’ve been selected to the Postgraduate in ESMUC (Escuola Superior de Musica de Catalunya) with Xavier Diaz Latorre,


He played in concert as soloist and in chamber music formations in many  countries in important festivals: Italy (Maggio Musicale Fiorentino,Opera Barga Festival, MiTo, Festival dei Saraceni) Austria ( Festwhochen der Alte musik Innsbruck), Belgium (Bruxelles Operette, Midi Minimes Festival, Musique3), Netherlands (Utrecht Oude Musik Festival, Sittard oude muziek festival, Arenberg Festival) Spain ( El sons del temps) and France (Festival d’orgre de la val Roya) et Georgia (Tbilisi Baroque festival).

He cooperated with many musicians and ensembles: I musici di Santa Pelagia, Massimiliano Toni (Accademia La Chimera), Claudio Chiavazza (Accademia Ruggero Maghini), Federico Maria Sardelli (Modo Antiquo), Ludo Claesen (Collegium ensemble), Marco Ozbic and Ashley Stufford (Il Corpo cantante), Davide de Lucia (Ensemble Orologio) Adriana Alcaide (Follia Project) Giorgi Kerelashvili (Georgian Sinfonietta) and other musicians like Furio Zanasi, Marco Beasley, Federico Guglielmo, Eduardo Eguez, Xavier Diaz-Latorre.

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